Friday, July 27, 2012

its's been 7month! OMG!!!

Salam...ok,hye suma!

firstly, I nk wish selamat berpuasa kpd suma umat islam di muka bumi Allah ni...jgn puasa yang2 yok udah la ye...huhu..

bout the title, yeah!, its been 7 months since my last log in in this blog which is my OWN BLOG!! omg!! i never thought that it will be that 7 month, mcm2 bnda da jd kt i...i've been for my practical training, living at Melaka n many others thing.

bkn saje xnk update, tp byk tol la hlgn..seriously, dok termimpi2 da psl blog ni..*ok,itu tipu!:P
how bout ur life?? mesti korg happy kan? yela2,lg2 nk raya ni haa...msty da berlmbk yg korg dok shopping kan?? puasa lom abs lg beb..relaxx swa..*bajet2 la plak..hihi...:) xpelah, yg penting korg happy..:)

i just want to share my experience, my perception of life, and its all about my life... its not too good n not too bad actually...hurmm..:(

bout the good one :
1) I've been accepted to doing my internship at Petronas Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd from 7th February 2012 until 22nd June 2012...Alhamdulillah...with the valuable experience and awesome people around me, its feels great you know! n beside that, my weight increase quickly within that period of internship.. arghhh~~ (@#$%).......bcoz we always makan..makan...makan...makan...n makan...yeah, keep MAKAN ok! .
for the 1st time I reach there, some of the staff ask me to calculate my BMI..i was quite shock bcoz Iwas wondering what does it relate to my work??? ridiculous ok! but then, I understand that she's telling me bout the makan2 session...hahahhaha...yeah, they love to eat n I'M LOVING IT TOO!!! (^_*)... the truth is, I'm enjoying my time over there! :) Thanks to all the staff especially for the staff of Operational Performance Improvement (OPI) department...:)

2) get back my happiness with my sayang..Alhamdulillah...nothing to talk about...just feel grateful for it....Alhamdulillah..Thanks ALLAH S.W.T...:)

bout the sad one :
1) Celebrate this Ramadhan without my parents and my abang...yeah, its really hard for our family...I miss them a lot! may they rest in peace..insya-allah...Amin...
I still remember, for the sahur n buka, my mom are the person who really busy prepared everything.. she's the one prepared all those thing..wake up us for sahur,prepared the breaking fast dishes n I miss them a lot!!! :( Now, we cannot even taste their delicious food and loves... Since it was near of Raya, one of the most wanted kuih raya is tart nenas...thats remind me of my abang which left us in the last July..He really love tart nenas n he will not eat others kuih even it decorate nicely...and now, his son, Irvin are the one who love tart nenas also...I miss u abang...ur son bring memories of u.. may u rest in peace also..Al-Fatihah...:(

2) I still a jobless person..arghh!!! When i will get the job?? this is how it feels to be PENGANGGUR...its hard u know! it was very bored..nothing much to do than on9, watching tv, cooking and others...sounds like housekeeping huh?? Yeah it is! arghhhhhh~~

ok la, that's all to talk about..sorry for the broken english, at least, I try to speak "well" ...Is it WELL???
Whatever!~~ AT LEAST, I TRY!!! *clap for myself...:D

Nite2...Selamat bersahur n berbuka puasa...ops! sahur je ye ..lom buka lg...ok bye!Salam ...:)

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